Services Available

Gunsmithing Services



Cleaning / Sight work 

- Clean & Oil Customer Gun: Making suggestions to customer of services needed to put in A-1 condition
- Sight In Customer Gun*
- Bore Sighting Customer Gun
- Pattern Shotgun*
- Gun Sighting
       Install Front Sight Ramp: Screw on or Band Types
       Install Insert In Pistol Sight
       Buildup or Construct Extra High Pistol Front Sight
       Install Front or Mid-Rib Bead on Shotgun
       Install Receiver Sights
- Scope Mounting (Mounting, Checking Scope, & Zeroing)
       *Quote doesn't include cost of sight, ammo, targets, etc. 


General Barrel, Action & Rifle Repair 

- Test Fire Customer Gun

- Check Headspace

- True Bolt Actions

- Lap in Bolt

- Set backs and re-chambering
- Check Firing Pin Protrusion 

- Remove fired case from chamber

-  Remove live round from chamber 

- Remove obstruction from Bore

- Remove fouling from barrel

- Cut and Crown Barrel

- Chamber and fit barrel to action

-  Install Muzzle Brake

Black Powder Work 

- Pull Ball

- Remove broke ramrod from barrel

- adjust hammer to strike nipple

- Remove breech plug

- Brown finish barrel

Stock Work

- Install new / repair old stocks

- Glass Bedding

- Free float barrel

- Custon inlettimg