Services Available

Custom Rifle Options

- Specializing in customizing an accurizing rifles.  We will take the time to get to know you and ensure you depart with the rifle of your dreams.
You tell us:

... about your shooting experience (novice, hunted for years, experienced bench rest shooter, etc)
...your preference of the rifle you desire (Bench Rest, Hunting, Varminter / single shot or repeater)

...what you expect from the rifle (light and durable hunting rifle, 300 yd BR, 1000 yd BR, etc.

We'll discuss the details (use, weight, caliber, action type, barrel, stock, finish on barrel, action, and stock)
       - Once we are sure of your desires and expectations we promise to:
           (1) deliver a firearm that shoots (we have yet to accurize a rifle that doesn't shoot sub 1 MOA)
           (2) customize a rifle that you are proud to show off (SHOOTS and LOOKS GOOD TOO)
           (3) put a firearm in your hands that will be the envy of your fellow shooters