CrossHairs GunSmithing LLC
528 Orchard Road
Orrtanna, Pa 17353
717-357-5935 or  717-357-5395

Custom Firearm Repair and General Gunsmithing Services

Custom Rifle Options
Specializing in customizing an accurizing rifles.  We will take the time to get to know you and ensure you depart with the rifle of your dreams.
 You tell us about your shooting experience (novice, hunted for years, experienced bench rest shooter, etc) 
        - You tell us your preference of the rifle you desire (Bench Rest, Hunting, Varminter / single shot or repeater)
        - You tell us what you expect from the rifle
(light and durable hunting rifle, 300 yd BR, 1000 yd BR, etc)
        - We'll discuss the details (use, weight, caliber, action type, barrel, stock, finish on barrel, action, and stock) 
        - Once we are sure of your desires and expectations we promise to:
            (1) deliver a firearm that shoots
(we have yet to accurize a rifle that doesn't shoot sub 1 MOA)
            (2) customize a rifle that you are proud to show off
            (3) put a firearm in your hands that will be the envy of your fellow shooters

General Gunsmith Shop Services

- Written Appraisals, Cost Estimates give on all jobs prior to start of work
- If it's not listed below- we probably still do it - Call for an appointment or quote

Cleaning / Sight work

- Clean & Oil Customer Gun: Making suggestions to customer of services needed to put in A-1 condition
Sight In Customer Gun*
- Bore Sighting Customer Gun
- Pattern Shotgun*
Gun Sighting
Install Front Sight Ramp: Screw on or Band Types
        Install Insert In Pistol Sight 
        Buildup or Construct Extra High Pistol Front Sight 
Install Front or Mid-Rib Bead on Shotgun 
Install Receiver Sights
Scope Mounting (Mounting, Checking Scope, & Zeroing)
*Quote doesn't include cost of sight, ammo, targets, etc.


General Barrel, Action & Rifle Repair 

- Test-Fire Customer Gun
- Check Headspace
- True bolt actions

- Lap in Bolt
- Set backs and re-chambering
- Check Firing Pin Protrusion

- Remove Fired Case From Chamber

- Remove Live Round From Chamber

- Remove Obstruction From Bore

- Remove Fouling From Barrel

- Install Liner in Barrel

- Cut & Crown Barrel( Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns) 

- Chamber & Fit Barrel To Action
- Install Pre-Threaded & Chambered Barrel 
Bend Bolt Handle
- Safety Installation
-  Install or adjust trigger

-  Install Muzzle Brake-
- Porting Barrel 


Black Powder Work


- Pull Ball

- Remove broke ramrod from barrel
- Adjust hammer to strike nipple
- Remove breech plug

- Brown finish barrel 

Handgun Work
- Chamfer Revolver Barrel

- Chamfer Revolver Cylinder 

- Re-Barrel Revolver
Pistol Action work: Clean & Smooth action
- Install new safeties / sights
- Install new/ repair old grips
- Install new barrel

Stock Work
- Install new/ repair old stocks
- Glass bedding
- Free float barrel
- Custom inletting

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